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Welcome: Our Digital Forensic Services

As technology has changed through the years, so has the manner in which people communicate and share information.  If you want to learn how to do something, where to vacation, or just stay in tune with what is going on in the world, a Smartphone, tablet, or computer are all within reach to help you find that information.  Slow, dial-up Internet connectivity is a thing of the past and fast, high-speed Internet connectivity is now! With the popularity of social media, e-mail, digital photography, document sharing, and other forms of electronic communication, people leave a trail of digital footprints every day.  These digital artifacts provide clues about an individual’s identity and activities and can prove to be critical during a number of situations businesses – and individuals – often face.  Digital forensics, e-discovery, and data recovery services can be utilized in civil litigation, divorce, business law, intellectual property theft, employee misuse, or business operational matters. Ask yourself, do I really know and understand our business’ computer network infrastructure?  Do I understand the logistics, security, and normal operation of our computer network?  Would I notice if something was amiss?  Oftentimes, business owners overlook technology as a critical component of their overall business security, but the truth is that technology must be managed as you would any other facet of your business.  You understand the importance of ensuring physical security to your offices and buildings (e.g., locking doors, arming the alarm system, and reviewing security cameras), but do you know what devices are connecting to your network and what data your employees can access?  Are you managing network backups and reviewing computer system logs for anomalies?  If you aren’t knowledgeable about your computer network’s security, or you have no policies in effect to protect yourself from employee misuse, you are setting yourself up for a security breach. Data or security breaches are costly and there are some steps you can take to mitigate your loss. First, stop the breach from re-occurring. Second, preserve any data that a forensic analyst would be called upon later to acquire and analyze. Third, conduct a thorough post breach analysis of your current policies to find out what could’ve been done to prevent or mitigate the breach. Breaches are going to occur, but planning and response is key to moving past the breach and getting back to business as usual. Of note, your IT staff is knowledgeable in the area of IT and supporting your business needs; however, when it comes to conducting a sound, forensic investigation, notify a digital forensic professional who is trained and educated in the area of digital forensics.


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