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IoT: Internet of Things

If you are entrenched in technology you've probably heard about IoT (Internet of Things). If you are not in the middle of technology mix, then IoT is something that you are going to hear more and more about in the future. So What is IoT? It is basically the movement of internet enabled devices embedded into many everyday items. This ranges from home automation (e.g. your internet capable thermostat), automobiles, and to wearable technology (e.g. Fitbit & Apple Watch), and everything in-between. Yes, the internet is all around us and it isn't going anywhere. Good news if you are trying to answer a business question or respond to legal inquiry, there so many datasets available to help you! Common questions or statements our clients pose to us:

  • "We've been hacked. Can you help?"
  • "We represent a client in a litigation matter and need some assistance with a technical issue."
  • "We believe we have someone trying to hack into our network. "
  • "We need to recover deleted data from a computer."
  • "We believe that we have an employee that is stealing proprietary information from us. Can you help?"
  • "Can you recover text messages from an iPhone or Android?
  • "We have a case where we need to authenticate documents."
  • "We need to locate/recover e-mail(s) that were sent/received."
  • "Can you recover a deleted document?
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