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July 22, 2015

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Car Hacking: Researchers Remotely Hack Jeep Cherokee

The story

**Update July 24th*: Reports show Fiat-Chrysler will be recalling 1.4 million vehicles

Yesterday, Wired.com broke the story of how two security researchers remotely hacked into a Jeep Cherokee that was driven by one of their journalists. The journalist agreed to test drive this motor vehicle while the security researchers wirelessly connected to the vehicle and began controlling various components of the vehicle from miles away. The security researchers have been conducting research in this area for several years. In 2013, the same journalist test drove a Ford Escape and Toyota Prius in South Bend, Indiana, and researchers were able to disable the vehicle’s brakes, honk the horn, pull on the seatbelt, and even steer the vehicle in a parking lot. You can read the full current story on Wired.com.

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